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Give thanks for the way God has made me. I honor Him everyday by embracing every inch of my body. That includes my nappy hair, my full lips, my high check bones, my voluptuous booty, my short waist, and my rounded forehead. Growing up was a little tough at times. I got teased a lot about my “big lips” or “eight head”, but it never stopped me from living nor aspiring to be the best I could be.

In the late 90’s I had applied for a  job as a news reporter for ABC in Philadelphia. I was told that I had gotten the job but I just need to change my name to perhaps “Shannon” instead of my God-given name “Shoana Cachelle”. My name was too ethnic and my little curly afro was going to have to be weaved for TV. WHAT???? That was the beginning and the end of my career as a TV reporter. I refused to change my name and my hair just to impress the masses. “This is who I am and you are losing the best reporter your station will ever have”, I stated as I walked away from my dreams. I have not looked back nor have I changed my name or natural hair since. I’ve worn my hair natural since 1997 and plan to do so until the day I meet my maker.

I moved to Liberia in 2009. I was excited to return to the soil of my birth… a land that is black and beautiful. I took a deep breath and began to absorb all that is Liberian. All of a sudden it occurred to me, there is something wrong with this picture. Most of my beautiful Liberian Sisters were sporting “Fake” hair. I actually began to count the number of women I drove by that day that had weaves. Out of 20 women only 2 had their own hair. Even the humble market women had hair down their back. “What the heck is going on?”, This is weave city, I mused.

Well after talking to a few women, many of them opted out of their naturals, for perms and weaves because it makes them look ‘prettier’. It was rather sad that my Sisters had defined their beauty by long European weaves. Most of them were uneducated about other natural options for their hair. Some wanted to rock a natural but didn’t know what to do once they took out the weave or cut out the perm. “What can I do to help”, I thought. People continuously stop me in the streets to ask me where I buy my hair because it’s just not natural to have locs so long and healthy. I smile often when I see people debating whether my hair is fake or real.

I felt it my duty to do something about this, hence the creation of Cachelle’s Hair and Makeup Salon. Stop by and meet our Glam Squad!

Shoana Cachelle Solomon


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