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I was in constant pain trying to photograph this little girl

About 6 months ago, I started having severe pain and burning in my neck and shoulders. My work as a photographer stopped being exciting but rather stressful and painful. I spent close to $500usd in 2 weeks in x-rays and adjustments at the chiropractor. The pain would go away for a few days and return. I visited a physical therapist and came home with a $400usd bill, while the pain now seemed to be getting worse. I was becoming addicted to pain killers just to get through my day for the last month. It all came down to one solution. I had to cut my hair!

I have been growing my locs for nine years and the thought of cutting them made me sick to my stomach. I was in denial but the pain sure wasn’t. For 2 weeks I stood in front of the mirror every night with scissors in hand but couldn’t bring myself to cut them.


At the Chiropractor’s office

Yesterday the pain was more than I could bare. I took more ibuprofen than I have ever taken in a day and could still feel discomfort. My husband saw me struggling with the pain and suggested I trim them instead of cutting it all off. That made more sense to me. Why hadn’t I thought about that?  I immediately  handed him the scissors and he cut about 9 inches off. Instantly, I felt relief! It was as if a curse had been removed. My neck is still a bit sore but the pain is completely gone.

This does not happen to everyone with long locs but I have been reading many testimonials from people with the same issue as mine. I could have saved so much money had I just trimmed my hair.

It’s strange not having all my hair but it was worth the trim. I slept like a baby last night. Finally, NO PAIN! I don’t even know what to do with myself!

If you have a similar story, please share. I need some hair encouragement right now! 🙂

~ Shoana Cachelle


After cutting I measured them


The root of my chronic pain


After the cut, the pain was gone but so was a lot of my beautiful hair.

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